Regulation Department

The Regulation Department deals with issues regulated by Act No 181/2014 Coll. on Cyber Security. It communicates with regulated entities, whether in relation to their regulation or in providing methodological support. It participates in the preparation of legislation on cyber security and plays a crucial role in identifying and protecting critical information infrastructure, important information systems, and essential services’ information systems within the Czech Republic.

In case of any questions or suggestions, particularly related to the identification of critical information infrastructure elements or operators of essential services; methodical support in the identification of important information systems or digital service providers; interpretation of the Act on Cyber Security and the implementation of cybersecurity legislation; as well as questions concerning supporting materials related to the law, please contact:

Secretariat of the Regulation Department
Cell: +420 541 110 560

Audit Department

The Audit Department oversees the compliance of regulated entities with the requirements of the Act on Cyber Security. Together with the Regulation Department, it is involved in the preparation of cybersecurity legislation and provides methodological support to regulated entities. In addition, the Audit Department cooperates with other auditing authorities whose activities overlap in the field of cyber security.