Dear Colleagues,
we would like to inform you that after having carefully considered the current situation worldwide, we came to the conclusion that hosting the Prague 5G Security Conference on 5 - 6 May 2020 physically in Prague will not be possible due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

We are currently exploring alternative options to engage, discuss and share in a collaborative manner existing approaches to the security of 5G networks which is and certainly will remain a crucial topic in the coming months.

At this stage we would like to propose the following initiatives and we would welcome your engagement:

1. The Prague 5G Repository, one of the main outputs of the Prague 5G Security Conference, is being prepared and is expected to be launched by the beginning of May. In 2019, the conference was concluded by the Prague Proposals, a series of recommendations for nations to consider as they design, build and operate their 5G infrastructure. 

To follow-up on last year, in 2020 we decided to provide, in partnership with all of the participating entities, a rigorous list of shareable, existing and concrete tools, instruments, measures and solutions that states have developed in recent years to tackle the 5G challenge. The reasoning is that in 2019 the international community discussed the issues at stake and the Prague Proposals served as a framework of areas in ICT that have to be carefully managed in order to build and maintain secured networks. The aim of the Prague 5G Repository is to create a virtual library, where you would be able to consult various existing tools, assessment frameworks, legislative measures for inspiration when implementing best practices on building future networks and communication systems, 5G included. 

The repository will be divided into different categories and official request for contributions in form of existing national instruments will follow-up soon. So far, we have had a great amount if interest from different nations willing to share their approaches that could serve as guidelines and inspirations for others. We are convinced that sharing the existing approaches in the Prague 5G Repository can help other nations to adopt similar steps, methods and instruments in the future. 

Your contributions to the Prague 5G Repository in form of existing national instruments are strongly encouraged and welcome.

2. A virtual event on the security of 5G networks is planned for 5 - 6 May 2020. We are currently exploring various options and details will follow-up soon. Stay tuned. 

Best regards and stay safe,

Robert Kahofer
Chief of Cabinet
National Cyber and Information Security Agency of the Czech Republic

Draft Agenda: Please note that the program may be subject to change.

List of Speakers: The agenda of the conference, the list of speakers and their bios are coming shortly.

Media registration: The requests for accreditation of journalists will be handled via e-mail Please direct your inquiries there.